Sunday, February 16, 2014

222e Exploration

T-ion is the name of this little improvisation/exploration, in this piece all the parts of the patch are controlled with the Multi-dimensional Kinesthetic input port model 222e which is in my opinion the best synthesizer controller ever made, is just the best expression of Don Buchla's  concept of the synthesizer more than as a noises or sound machine as a musical instrument.

This pair of modules provide control of all the sections in a patch and allows that "human touch" music needs, this plus the "Preset manager" opens the door to enormuos possibilities and demands creativity and, as i understand it, a vision or an idea, from the musician, of which way wants he or she that music takes.

The Patch, at least what i can remember:

- R is sending pulse to 281e to open 292e here goes 261e but first goes to FS 285e then goes to Sputnik 289 doing Reverb.
- R is modulating Timbre, symmetry and High order via 256e.
- Y is coming out "arpegiation" section of 223e pulse goes straight to 292e in combo mode and Location in Y  modulates tempo. This o/c goes to a track in Live with a custom granulator M4L device, which i control via MIDI.
- V, W and X control  control the sound for a 259e that goes to 296e, Location controls MORPH.
- Finally, but in the begging 261e is controlled by 250e, which is activated with D modulating Modulation Index.
Hope this makes sense.

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