Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cwejman MMF-2 stereo multimode filter

Recently i received some new and amazing modules like the brand new Cwejman MMF-2, Make Noise Echophone and DPO. Only with this three monsters the pallet of sounds in my system grew in an exponential way just as the need for experimentation and exploration. So my first experiments started with Cwejman MMF-2 which is a dual stereo multimode filter, that can be use not only as a synth filter but also as a postproduction tool, because of its great quality and possibilities.

Here are some demos i made of the Cwejman MMF-2, i prefer not to talk about its features because Wowa (its creator) can talk about it better than me.

Soon I'll add another more experimental demo with this amazing filter.......

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Phonogene first encounters

Ok, this new videos are a first encounter with the Make Noise Phonogene. In one i'm using the module basicaly as a sample transformer in the other phonogene is driving the clock, via EOS (end of sample)with a logic module (Plog), which is which? guess...............

This is Phono Fun

In this one i think the Phonogene is trying to say something.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dark MAtter 02 Mix01


Whit this new mix i hope to start a post storm with one post a week at least. I'm working in two studio groups "Higgs Search" and "Dark Matter". Higgs is a search for rhythmic variations and Dark Matter is a group of studies working with timbres.

I know there will be things in common in this two groups but is a way to focus my self in certain things a don't get lost.

Dark MAtter 02 Mix01