Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rhythmic Divertimentos

Using the amazing Eardrill Pendulum Ratchet to generate rhythms with some noise from 266e and random melodies from 261e. Just having lots of fun.

Two different versions of the same patch.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Misunderstanding Series

I've felt in the tramp of consumerism, and sometimes i have bought more modules than my brain and time allow me to fully understand and most of the time i know i'm not using many functions on those modules or not taking profit of some nice sounds they can produce.

That's the reason why i have think in a series of improvised and recorded in one take studies (obviously they are intended to be as musical as possible) made using only one sound source, this source can be one oscillator simple or dual or any sound source, that can be processed in any way, with virtual effects or with hardware effects i.e. Filters, loopers, delays, frequency shifters, phase shifters, etc.

They are titled: Misunderstanding Series.

Misunderstanding series 01

Misunderstanding series 02

Misunderstanding series 03