Friday, June 14, 2013

Going 200e

I regret i have abandoned this blog, as is a real god place for me to have a "note book" of my work, projects and why not steps forward or back.

Last february i decided to upgrade to Buchla, the original format i was thinking of when i started in the world of modular synths, but no, i don't regret of my first choice, Eurorack, as it's a constantly growing format full of creative and high quality designers.

So after three long, long months i received this picture from BEMI:

But i added some 2nd hand modules bought to a fellow wiggler and some Eardrill modules, Pendulum Ratchet, and a ModuleModule chassis with Morphun and MM-Atten. The system looks like this:

So, sleepless summer nights ahead........

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